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CRESAM leads its innovative and daring missions by directly working on wild animals in the field, and in this way avoids their captivity. Reintroducing animals to their natural habitat after captivity is a much more difficult undertaking.

CRESAM’S current work :
As of January 3, CRESAM conducted an audit on the inability of white lions to reproduce in the wild environment of Timbawati. In March 2014, when CRESAM came to this last nature reserve containing white lions in South Africa, Linda Trucker – former fashion model and owner of “Global White Lion Protection Trust” – requested our assistance due to the lack of breeding for over four years by the majority of female lions. The female lions had not been in heat for several years and genetically significant male lions had gotten older.

We had the opportunity to diagnose an ovarian pathology on one of the female lions: the presence of a luteal ovarian cyst (yellow substance). The medical hormonal protocol ordered by CRESAM did not provide a solution to the South-African veterinary teams.

On January 3 2015, a team from CRESAM departed, at the request of local veterinary authorities and owners, to conduct an audit on all the reproductive problems facing white male and female lions. The financial support of the operation will be undertaken by the owners, Linda Trucker and Jason Turner. We will, with the cooperation of veterinarian DR. Peter Rogers wildlife specialist , do the following:
– test the semen of five white lions in order to assess their reproductive potential with the aid of a spermogramme
-Evaluate the feasibility of freezing semen, particularly that of the genetically significant males
-Diagnose the root problem causing the lack of reproduction of three female lions
-Probably undertake curative surgery in the resection of an ovarian cyst previously diagnosed

We will inform you of the results obtained by this mission in the coming weeks.

Following contacts with the Algerian government, notably those responsible for the preservation of the Saharan cheetah, a scientific partnership with the CRESAM team may be contemplated. The first mission is scheduled for February2015.
Our flagship project “China Tiger” is on a good track with the French government. In essence the French Ministry of the Environment supports CRESAM in its undertakings in China and wishes to go along with the project until its completion. We will start by working on tigers from Siberia to refine our protocols on approximately 800 tigers. In the second stage we will apply those protocols to tigers in China. We foresee the implementation of this mission in March 2015.

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