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LE FOND DU PROBLEME IRANIEN : il y a d’un coté le Gouvernement de ROUHANI, dont la position est identique à celle des défenseurs des droits humains, pour qui ces accusations d’espionnage sont infondées
De l’autre côté, les opposants farouches à Rouhani, avec l’aide des Gardes Révolutionnaires, forces d’élite agissant indépendamment de Rouhani et de son Gouvernement et ayant une immense influence auprès du système judiciaire dominé par les Conservateurs et qui ont procédé à cette vague d’arrestations massives de protecteurs de l’environnement (9 personnes, au moins)
Donc effectivement, dès qu’on touche au mélange politique + extrémismes politico-religieux, cela devient très difficile d’ agir efficacement et sans risques personnels, …

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Voici une lettre ouverte adressée à tous les membres de l’IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) :

Voici une lettre ouverte adressée à tous les membres de l’IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) :

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Open letter to the IUCN Community
Dear colleagues and friends,

We are reaching out to you today to ask for your support and action as part of the global environmental community and members of the IUCN, to help fellow environmentalists who have been unjustly detained in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

The environmentalists from the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, also an IUCN member, were arrested in January 2018. One of the detainees, Dr. Kavous Seyed-Emami, a renowned Canadian-Iranian environmentalist, died in detention in February 2018. Currently, at least eight other environmentalists remain in jail, while five of them have been charged with capital offences on 24 October 2018, which can result in the death penalty. The five environmentalists are Houman Jowkar, Taher Ghadirian, Morad Tahbaz, Sepideh Kashani and Niloufar Bayani. 

The Head of UN Environment, Erik Solheim, told the Guardian on 24 October that the UN is deeply troubled by the cases, noting that, “this latest news gives us even greater cause for alarm. The message that needs to be sent is that environmentalists, like the dedicated people who are under arrest, deserve the utmost support and fullest protection which Iran’s laws and constitution guarantee. At present, Iran’s environment is under immense pressure – with water stress, land degradation, air pollution, loss of wildlife and sand and dust storms. All who seek to protect it must be supported. All hands count.” Read the full article here

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has also released a statement on 26 October expressing great concern, as five IUCN member conservationists, including members of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC), are charged with crimes punishable by death in Iran. “IUCN is deeply alarmed by the charges against these dedicated women and men committed to protecting Iran’s rich natural environment and unique species,” said IUCN Director General Inger Andersen. “Their work is of crucial importance to their country and its people, particularly at a time of severe environmental challenges in Iran. IUCN and its Commissions stand in solidarity with them.” 

We ask you to help us raise awareness of this case and support our fellow environmentalists by:
1. Sharing their story on social media with your communities and in environmental gatherings. Please use the interview of the Head of UN Environment and the IUCN statement, as reference for spreading the news.
2. Raise this issue with your respective Heads of Agencies/ Organizations/ Institutions and ask them to give attention to this case and follow up with the Government of Iran to stop the illegal detention of environmental scientists and advocates who have been unjustly charged.
3. Get in touch with the office of the Director General of IUCN and affirm your support of the IUCN statement.  Ask that the Director General of IUCN continues to give this case a high priority for the global environmental community, and to follow up with the Government of Iran to demand immediate release of the imprisoned scientists and environmentalists.
4. Contact your Governmental officials and demand that they follow up with their Iranian counterparts, asking for clarity on this case.
5. Review financial support and collaboration being extended to the Government of Iran, asking Iranian Government counterparts for clarity on this case and lawful protection of environmentalists working in the country.

We thank you in advance and count on your support.

From the friends and colleagues of those who have been detained.


From the PEDRR Community

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